Thursday, February 12, 2009


In a previous post I mentioned that Carl had applied for a place at University, I don't know how it works in other countries, but over here the students have to select up to 5 places and then apply through a central body online. You then have to sit back and wait for them to contact you. Carl was keen to go to our local Uni, and as you might expect he was waiting on hearing from them. Yesterday he had an interview with St Marys in Twickenham, next week he has an interview with Middlesex University, but until this afternoon he had not heard from Hertfordshire University. Thankfully this afternoon he received a letter offering him an interview at the end of this month, PHEW!!! Fingers crossed that he has a successful interview.

Tonight we are again in the grips of winter with heavy snow. It started around 5pm and it has snowed hard since then. I think we have around 5 Cm's at the moment. I'm not feeling so excited this time, its becoming a bit of a nuisance really!!!

I hope it clears up before we go away for a few days!!!


Jenn Jilks said...

This is a fun time in your life. My 3 have gone to and finished university.

The joy never ends, mind you. This is the time of year they all call the parents to see if, having already contributed thousands of dollars to their coffers, if you want to provide a donation to keep the lamp of learning burning. As if!

I am afraid I am curt: we're retired, broke and my own alumni associations are begging for dollars!

Manna said...

Best wishes to Carl!

Wendy said...

Good luck to Carl!! What a fun time in his life! (Bet you are proud, too!!)

Have a great day!

Sue said...

Good Luck Carl
Hope you enjoy your break :D

Kim Marie said...

Congrats to him on getting the daughter is also waiting on several colleges...she's been accepted to one...four more to wait out!j

The best part about a snowy winter is a warm end to it! Here's for crocuses and daffodils SOON!!
Kim Marie