Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Overdose!!

Carl and Hunny taking on the girls at snowball fights!!

The snow man complete with tropical fruit salad. Built by the girls in the neighbourhood!!

Examining the snow.

Beth and Meggy dancing in the snow!!


Raymonde said...

Hope you did not have to go into work. I love the fruit salad snowman, as I write this it is still snowing this side of the WGC. Love. xx

Travis Erwin said...

And a fine snowman it is.

Wendy said...

Your snow photos are wonderful!! Looks like your entire family is enjoying it. Not sure how many feet of snow we have had already this winter in Minnesota, but the snow piles at the end of our driveway are almost to the top of our mailbox!

Have a great day!

Almost Normal said...

There guys who live a few doors down have made this five foot 10 snow-woman outside, complete with bust and bum!

I wish I had a working camera!

Manna said...

What great photos! TFS them :) Great snowman too :)

Kim Marie said...

What fun!! Glad to see they are putting the snow to good use! LOL!
Kim Marie

Katie said...

Fabulous photos Lyzzy, I love the fruit salad snowman!


gina said...

great photos Lyzzy, looks like everyone is having a good time :)
Gina xxx