Thursday, February 05, 2009

Philippines Calling!!

Tonight I had to avail myself of the excellent customer services of Linksys. They are the manufacturer of my wireless router which is an essential piece of kit to ensure we all stay online in various rooms in the house.
I have no idea what happened but for some unknown reason the router stopped routing and the house ground to a halt. The customer services at Linksys are really good, to start with its a free phone number, so that's fantastic. When the call is answered you could be anywhere in the world. Tonight it was the Philippines. I have had this router since 2006 and they were still prepared to sort things out. Since my last call to them late last year they have added a refinement to their operation. Now they can fix everything remotely!!! I was so impressed they came in and fixed the machine settings and rebooted the router.
These people are clever fix my machine AND all while speaking a foreign language!!
The weather has been dire today, another fall of snow overnight, we got up for school, checked the web site and at 7am it was all systems go. So we got ready, checked the site before leaving at 8am to find it was now closed. It was just as well we didn't attempt the journey as all the roads were virtually impassable. A couple of the major roads were closed. I went into work and the snow started to turn to slush. Tonight its very cold we still have a lie of slushy snow with more forecast overnight. The novelty is starting to wear off!!!!
To cheer myself up today we have finnally booked our summer holiday to Holland, going back to the same place as last year, we failed to visit the Vondelpark despite several attempts and apparently its the place to go in Amsterdam. So this year we will try again!!!


Wendy said...

Still snowing??!! Goodness! Well, at least it was another snow day for your kids. Good thing you checked again to see if school was closed before leaving the house!

Have a great day!

suzann said...

Sounds like you could use a Caribbean cruise right now! Can't believe all the snow you all are getting. Stay warm!!

Barrie said...

Glad you got your router prob fixed so easily. Some people I know here (in So Cal) who went to Holland last year and stayed on a house boat!!

Louise Forsyth said...

Wow loads of snow. Lucky you getting your router fixed so easily. Mine has packed up and will only work with the dailup cord in

Raymonde said...

Thanks for the tip about the Linksys, I just keep plugging and unplugging when it plays up!!! That is how technical I am!!! Love. Have a good day in the snow again... Raymonde x

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your router fixed. There is nothing worse than being without internet access. I didn't realise how much I would miss it until it started playing up!
I am a bit fed up of the snow now too! We have none forecast this weekend, thank goodness!


Debbielou said...

Lyzzy - Glad we've finally booked it - although you really are tempting fate agin (!)
We'll keep the sweep stake going on how many times Malc mentions the Vondel Park ( BVP !) xx