Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Missing for a while.....

This summer seems to be flying past, I am finding it hard to keep up!! Right back at the beginning it seemed like it was going to be a long 'warm' summer, but instead of that we have had a wet summer, a damp thundery summer. On Friday on the spur of the moment we decided to visit Tom's sister and husband in Whitby. He did all the driving  and  I was lucky enough to be a lady of leisure in the passenger seat!! In all he drove around 500 miles on the return trip!!

Whitby was nice as always, with for a change a patch of lovely weather, we actually got down to the beach for a couple of afternoons, it was packed and the sun kept appearing from behind the clouds.

We sat near to the inflatable slide which was great for people watching, it was funny watching people approach the slide, ask the price and then decide if it was worth paying the money for a couple of minutes peace. Some of the kids went on and got straight off again, they didn't get value for money!!!

We went on a little boat trip, just out of the bay, around the Whitby Bell and back again. Its amazing how the recession has hit everywhere, a few years ago it was £3.50 each this time it was £2.50 ! Bargain!! The sea was really calm when we got on, but once we reached the open sea, it was a completely different and became a bit more exciting!! Its strange how different a trip in a small boat feels to a trip in a ship!!

On the way home we came across a beautiful field of poppies. I spotted it on the way to Whitby but we were past it before we could stop. On the way back I was on the lookout and found it with time to stop.
The poppies were well established and although there were lots of red ones, there were also a lot of poppy seed heads in the wheat, it was so pretty waving in the breeze.

Finally I have been making beads again, this time a special request from Mum who asked for a pink and white necklace, so I used some of my white beads with pink spots and some of my pink beads with white spots, she was happy with them, so I made the necklace with them and some faceted sparkly glass beads.

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Jenn Jilks said...

Lovely! All of it! happy trails to you.