Sunday, July 29, 2012

Very Odd weather day.

Its been one of those weekends,  in fact one of those weeks. We have had summer and autumn within the space of a week. We started with some lovely hot weather which was so hot that you had to stay in the shade and drink loads of water to survive it. Then today we had some fantastic clouds, bright warm sunshine and thunder and lightening!!! Several seasons in one hit.

We are into the Olympic competitions in a big way now. Its been really disappointing to see that just about every venue has loads and load of empty seats. I applied for seats in every single release and never got a look in, I am not counting the stupid offer of a seat at the opening ceremony for nearly £2000 each, that offer did not mean that these games were for all. We watched the diving today and all the lower tier seats were empty. Its not only unfair but its not very supportive of the competitors. I hear on the news tonight that Lord Coe is saying that the forces and teachers can use the seats. What about the millions of other hard working people?? Police, NHS and the likes?? It makes me so angry.

I have also been angry this week when my car insurance renewal came in, Tesco seemed  to think that it was OK to charge me £441 to renew with them. I had already decided that I would not renew with them even if they had been the cheapest in the land because they changed the breakdown cover mid was through the policy and didn't tell us until we needed to use it, so they were off my list. I got onto compare the market and found that the RAC were offering exactly the same cover for £169, reducing my monthly payments from £41 to £14. I was good and phoned Tesco to let them know and they were not impressed and tried to slag off the cover the RAC were providing. When I checked the Tesco Policy it was underwritten by the RAC!!!

During the warmer part of the week I rediscovered my love of home made lollies, when I say lollies, I of course mean home made blocks of solid ice on a stick!! I started to get quite sophisticated with the flavours, as you can see from the one in the photo, there is a tint of red in the middle, I threaded a strawberry onto the stick before freezing the whole lot. Unfortunately this lolly did not take kindly to being photographed and when I licked it it stuck to my lip and tongue and it hurt a lot!!!!!

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