Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Cat is out of the Bag.....

I am looking forward to tomorrow, its Carl's graduation at Hendon Campus, I can't believe that those three years at Middlesex University have flown by, it seems five minutes ago that we were taking him down to the halls and helping him move into his new home. He has worked very hard and has graduated. Perhaps best of all he has secured a job. 
He has known for some time that he had been successful at the interview, but until we reached the end of term he hasn't been able to say where he would be working. So this week he has been at 'his' primary school helping out at sports day and meeting his class. He is starting to look at teaching plans for next term. Its very exciting for all of us. This is a very special first job as he is going to be teaching Year Three at his old Primary School, Panshanger !!! 
Its so strange to think he is going back. The children there now have no idea that he used to be a pupil. When he went on year five and six school trip he took his own year six sweat shirt that all his class members had signed, amazingly it still fit him in the body, although the sleeves finished at the elbows. The children didn't understand why he was wearing one of their shirts and he had to explain to them!! 
So we are very proud to have two children in full time employment in such tough times, we have concentrate on getting number three through her exams next year and onto A levels so she can decide what to do.

On a lighter note, while Carl was away, I thought I would 'try' and get into his car, its one of those small Smart Roadsters which is tiny and very very low. I wanted to give it a go when there were very few people around, well I did it!!! I can't believe it !!! I only managed the passenger seat because the steering wheel is a bit of an obstruction!!

Wha Hay, Small Victories!

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