Sunday, July 08, 2012

Getting into the Olympic Spirit.

This weekend I nearly got ticket for the Olympics. I first of all applied in the first round to get tickets for anything really, just so that I can say I went and watched. Sadly I was not lucky in that round, although friends and neighbours told me how they had managed to get four tickets to the Mens 100 metre finals or even the heats of the Roman Greco Wrestling (what ever that is). So I applied in the next two rounds and still never got a sniff, so imagine my excitement when I received an email from the Olympic Ticket Allocation office advising me that there were tickets available for the opening ceremony, Whoopee I was on my way, until I went on line to buy the tickets, the only tickets left for the opening ceremony cost £3,600 EACH, bargain!!! There went my trip to the Olympics!!!

Today the Olympic flames came to Welwyn Garden City, so that was the best chance we have left of getting into the Olympic way of things. We got there around an hour before it was due to arrive and within a short amount of time the place was packed with people.

People were standing 4 and 5 deep on the pavements, there were thousands.

The street vendors were out in force. 

The Police were out in force, I have never seen so many!!!

At last after a wait of an hour the flame arrived, carried by a Deputy Headmistress from a school in Watford, she smiled and waved all the way down the road. She passed in a flash and the moment had passed. We packed up our stuff and the heavens opened, we got absolutely soaked walking from Parkway to the bus station. On the way we met loads of people that we knew it felt like a great community experience. Afterwards it was great seeing all the photos on face book and spotting ourselves in the crowd. I came away with a few freebies, a medal, balloon, flags and a bottle of coke. Not a bad day out!!!!

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Raymonde said...

Love it! Glad you enjoyed it there was less crowd out end.