Sunday, July 22, 2012

77 Years Young.

This weekend we celebrated Mums 77th Birthday. She has come such a long way in the past year. Last year she spent her birthday in the rehabilitation centre at Bishops Stortford. At that stage they didn't think she would be able to come home because she couldn't walk well enough and she couldn't get in and out of bed at night. Well she is back walking enough to get her into a wheel chair and into the car, which means she can go out for something to eat. She has been working with a physiotherapist who comes to the house and has made a difference. 
So we went out on Saturday night for a bite to eat at the Cowper Arms at Digswell. The food was nice but the service was very slow, it gave us all a bit of time to chat!!

In the winter I decided to try and attract a few birds into the garden by putting up a feeding post. I hung fat balls and seed feeders expecting to see blue tits and sparrows, in reality I have attracted the big boys, Doves, Magpies and Pigeons!! They seem only to like one of the two feeders and are really brave landing on it even when the dog is in the garden and the bunting is flapping around. I sat in the garden and watched these doves feeding, they were only a couple of feet away from me!!

We think that these three are a family the one on the left doesn't have its full markings as yet so its likely to be the baby. The three of them are often on my feeding station!! I am currently restocking the seeds at the rate of 2lbs a week!!!

My all time love is orange roses, so last year when changing the garden around I treated myself to a a new hybrid tea rose, it has finally flowered but is a bit of a spindly specimen, with only two buds. Its a beautiful colour so I will have to feed it up for next year.

This pretty little rockery plant is flowering again this year, someone told me what its called but I can't remember its name, its a vegetable name but I can't think what!!! It must be my age!!!

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