Monday, July 02, 2012

The Life of a Jet Setter.

At last at the weekend we had some nice weather, breezy but best of all sunny and warm. 
I took a bit of time to potter around the garden and noticed that we had a few gaps in our flower beds, so we popped to the garden centre and stocked up on some plants to cheer things up. I am trying to have a garden that comes every year without having to rely on too many annuals, so it was nice to go and look for all those little plants that fit the bill. While looking I thought it would be nice to get some lily of the Valley, but they are not so easy to find, so I may have to do some online research for them. Tom planted them all and watered them in, this morning mother nature has done her bit by supplying some extra water 
to bed them in!!!

Carl has been away for the past few weeks, he has been on a road trip in the USA. He flew to the west coast with his Kilimanjaro buddy Grant, since their arrival they have driven around in a hired RV taking in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, Palm Beach, Yosemite and all places in between. He organised a surprise for Grants Birthday, a parachute jump!! He said it was a fantastic experience and a 
huge surprise for Grant!!!

 He is very well organised and has left me a very detailed breakdown of his daily activities. Yesterday they flew to Orlando for 8 days there doing the parks before moving on to their final destination of New York. He has been able to keep in contact with me via Whats App, thank goodness for MacDonalds and their free Wi Fi!! The only problem is trying to keep up with the time differences, I have to constantly refer to my phone to work out what time he is in, I expect they are suffering from jet lag this morning!!

Beth is also embarking on a new experience, she is working at Hardings Pre School for her work experience  week, so this morning she has taken herself off, walking to work. She is so excited about doing this as its something she would like to do when she leaves school. I think she would be very good at it!!

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