Friday, July 06, 2012

Frustrated Beyond Belief.

Its been one of those weeks where we have had closer interactions with the medical services than we would really have liked. Back in February Beth hurt her knee in a trampolining 'incident' at school, she hurt her knee and we ended up in hospital. It has taken from February until May for that to eventually heal itself enough for her to be able to walk normally again, when bang on Tuesday her leg gave away and she is back to square one, excruciating pain and very limited mobility. It got worse so we called NHS who helpfully said take her to the Hospital. So we did, they Xrayed her said it was likely to be the same ligament damage aggravated again. They did however refer her back to the fracture clinic for them to look at again. So this morning we arrived at 9.45 for our 10am appointment only to find the clinic was already 90 minutes behind, just how they had managed that when it had only started at 9am is beyond me. In the end we got to see the 'Doctor' at 12pm, a whole two hours late.

He then glibly said well what do you expect me to do???  I said that as he was supposed to be the qualified person here, perhaps we should start by looking at what he could do rather than asking us to guess. He said the result of the MRI scan was OK, showing that the ligament had been stretched and the only way to deal with that was to strengthen the knee. He also said that she needed to make sure that the knee did not give way again, by this point he was really beginning to tick me off, so I asked how she was supposed to do that as it had given way while she was simply walking, not doing anything strenuous. He said she would need to be careful, it was clear at this point his medical qualification must have been in stating the completely obvious. Beth was upset as this has really had a huge impact on her life, stopped her from doing her work experience,  stopped her from working at the pool and has generally interfered with her school life, this arse of a 'Doctor' was not in anyway helpful. The most useful suggestion he made was for more physio, which he told us was out of his control as it was not in his department anymore. I hope that the snotty snivelling cough and cold he has turns into pneumonia and some helpful Doctor asks he what he thinks they could do about it. 

Hunny was feeling left out so she developed a sore on her cheek, so we took her to the vet, who didn't once ask Hunny what she expected the Vet to do. The vet examined her and decided it was likely an infected insect bite, plus her ear was a bit sore, so we ended up with antibiotics, ear drops, and injection and £100 less in my purse. She now seems to be on the mend.

And Chill......... 
Yesterday was beautiful and I managed a couple of hours in the garden, even nodded off at one point, listening to some music that Beth had on the TV. I have been really tired so I must have needed it. Today however I could get really wet sitting in the garden !!! I was hoping to see if I could catch a glimpse of the Olympic Torch as it passes through the town, the weather will have to get a whole lot better before I risk that!!!!

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