Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Boys are back in Town

Today started quite early with a trip to Heathrow Airport to collect Carl. He has been away on a mega trip to USA taking in LA, San Francisco, Orlando and New York. They seemed to cram a whole lot of activity into the time including visits to famous places such as Hollywood, They saw the New York Yankees play and managed to get themselves a free promotional baseball cap each. They swam with the dolphins and did a tandem parachute jump over California. I knew he was doing that but it came as a bit of a shock when he told me today that the original company they had booked with cancelled after they had an accident in the plane the day before their jump!!! They had a fantastic trip and he is in bed now trying to get through the jet lag!!

I was hoping that there would have been some sort of Olympic decoration up at the Airport, but instead of that there was a whole load of building sites and miserable staff.

Wonky Signs and scant notice of car park entrances. Which resulted in us circling the airport for so long that Carl actually made it into the arrivals area before we could find the car park entrance!!!

The only cheery thing was this huge green man a nod towards the coming Olympics!!

Once we finally picked Carl up we headed for home listening to all his exciting stories. He bought us all a little gift, I had asked him to get me some Ibuprofen (as its dead cheap and come in packs of 500, no questions asked!!) So he got me a 1000 tablets!! He got all of us Hollywood key rings and he got me a replacement for my car aerial !

Independence Day Mickey!!! I have had a few different ones from Disney, I like Minnie Mouse but they are just about impossible to find, I love this one!!!
I have cracked on with the washing and five loads later I am finally getting some of it in off the line nice and dry fingers crossed that  I get the last few bits dried before the heavens open!!!
I am looking forward to seeing all the photos of his trip, he has shown us the video of the sky diving which looked amazing, bring on the rest!!!


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Welcome home Carl !!! xx

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