Friday, July 13, 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet......

This summer has been a total wash out, its been really disappointing it seems to rain every single day and I am fed up with the constant damp and miserable feeling that goes with it .
The only thing that seems to be flourishing  is the garden. The combination of plenty of rain plus the occasional bit of sunshine means that the garden has gone into over drive with the grass growing a mile a minute so it seems!!

This little plant grows in a tray that I have planted up with rockery plants, every so often it springs into life and flowers, it hasn't done so for a couple of years, but obviously this year it likes the conditions!!

This rose is called Oranges and Lemons, for years it has been hidden under a conifer, but last year we got rid of all the trees in the garden and it seems to be flourishing. I love it.

This is an alium, we bought three huge bulbs back from the Floating market in Amsterdam last summer. They flowered earlier with pretty purple flowers, they are now going to seed. I wasn't sure what to do with them but this morning after a night of torrential rain and wind they have fallen over, so I will have to cut them back. I am glad I managed to get the photos yesterday!!

This little flower is a pink Geranium, its a very hardy little beast and it has self set all over the garden and is becoming  a bit of a weed, I leave it where its not a problem and thin it out where it over runs!!

My all time favourite is lavender, I have a huge bush in the front garden which smells glorious under the front window and I have two further bushes in the back garden. I have also been given a pretty pale lavender plant, which I am going to plant out soon, near to my back door (thanks Karen!!!) The plan is that it will flower and I will be able to smell it gently wafting in the warm breeze, assuming that we ever get any warm breezes ever again!!

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