Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Happy New Year.

Time is whizzing by again. New year has been and gone. We celebrated with Madeline, John, Tom and Gracie. We started early and finished early, not that we are not able to keep up with it all, but Madeline was working the next morning and she didn't think that her 'clients' would appreciate her breathing alcohol fumes all over them early New Years day!!!

We decided to go with the Zombie theme, Madeline and John went as themselves!!!

We got to use our Christmas T shirts again as as we dressed up as zombie elves and zombie Santa's!! Grace was a Zombie Brownie and we all look fantastic!!

We had a lovely Chinese early in the evening and just the odd bottle of port (or two!!!!)

At the allotted  hour we went out in the garden and set off our 90 round whistling whizz bang firework, that sounded like some mini war in the back garden!! You can't let a new year go without a Chinese lantern. This one took an age to fill up with hot air, mainly due to the gusty wind, when it finally took off it headed straight for the house !! It crawled up the wall and crept over the gutter and bumped off the roof before disappearing over the top, by the time we got around the front it was fast disappearing off in the distance!!!
We had a great evening and I am hopeful that we have welcomed in 2014 in a happy and positive way!.

My friend Jane gave me a lovely gift of an empty jar, with a pretty lid. It doesn't sound that exciting, but it has  great potential !!

The idea is that you make a note of the positive things that happen and post the notes into the jar. The thing is you only ever remember the really bad or really good things, when along the way there are lots of things that happen which make you smile and feel good, you simply don't remember them!! I have already posted one little message in there along with the date, I hope that it'll be fun looking back at 2014!

I have had a couple of hospital visits for my hip and it is gradually getting better. I have progressed to just one stick for most of the time, although it still feels very stiff and the wound feels achy, there is no pain in the actual hip as its no longer there!!I am still working very hard to walk properly and defeat the limp. The consultant has said that ca take up to six months to go, so a while yet!

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