Sunday, February 16, 2014

The calm AFTER the storm!!

We are very lucky here in my part of Hertfordshire, we are not at risk of flooding and we usually only have the 'normal' weather to deal with. A huge part of the rest of the country has been flooded since before Christmas its something that must be soul destroying. Over the past few days we have had a really horrible storm, the wind was raging all night and I could hear stuff outside crashing around and  as there was a full moon with a quick look out of my bedroom window I could see one of the fence posts had broken and the fence was flapping around, still upright but flappy. The following morning I think we were lucky to get away with one broken post. All around there were fences down and trees uprooted. The weather has certainly been doing its very worse. Today is the first day in a long time where it hasn't rained and better than that it is sunny with a blue sky. I have daffodils nearly ready to bloom in the garden so perhaps spring is in the air after all. 
After a while off of work I am heading back tomorrow. I am still using my walking stick, so I am going to have to ease myself back in gently, I am going to have to take it slowly and not overdo things. Its a bit of a worry, I am sure once through the door I will be fine, it feels like stepping into the unknown again.Wish me luck!!

Just after Christmas, in the sales I bought myself an Amaryllis bulb, I planted it straight away and it grew very quickly. When it came into flower it was beautiful!! I was so lucky that I took these photos because the next morning it committed suicide!! It fell over and landed on the floor with a broken neck! I have chopped the stem off, but you are supposed to allow the leaves to grow on so that it will flower again next winter. I will have to take precautions next time to keep it upright!

I like a nice bargain, I have been quite limited as to what I have been able to do while recovering, but I have been able sit down and chop things up!! I have a food dryer which I haven't used that much, but a few weeks ago Tescos were selling apples for 5p each, a bargain, so I bought two quids worth and set about drying them! I sliced them and cut the middles out. The pile of middles looked really pretty. I dried the rings and now have two jars of apples which make tasty snacks. 
This coming week is my birthday so I have some evenings out planned !! I am looking forward to celebrating with friends and family!! I hope you all have a good week

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