Saturday, February 22, 2014

They are out!!!!

Finally I think spring is on the way, this week at last, my first three daffodils have flowered. They look very cheery and I really hope that the rest of them flower soon. The weather this week has on balance been better and the daffodils and a few crocus makes the world seem cheerier.

This week was also my birthday, so it was nice to be able to celebrate with my family and friends. The night before I went out for dinner with Madeline, Sue and Sandra at the Long and Short Arm. Incredible value as they have a two for one menu, we had dinner and sweet plus a bottle of rose for £45 !! Bargain!!

We had tried to take a bit of a selfie with all of us, but it was just a bit on the cramped side, so the waiter took this one !! Madeline seems to have her eyes closed in both of the shots!!

This is the selfie!! Eyes closed again Madeline!!!

The next day at work Barb made me coffee walnut cup cakes, very nice!!!

Beth bought me a chocolate birthday cake, so we did the happy birthday thing with Laura, Tom and grandad.

Carl arrived a little later and bought me another cake, made by his own fair hand!! Karen (over the road Karen!!) made me some lovely chocolate Florentines, so lovely that everyone who tried them, loved them, so bang went my birthday present !!!!  So all in all I had a very good birthday!

This week I started back at work, its been a bit of a mixed experience. I am glad that I am only doing a phased return because I have found it all quite exhausting!! I have decided that when I grow up  I would like to  have a career as a furniture painter or a seamstress!!! 

Have a lovely week!!

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