Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Helsinki calling!!!!

We arrived in Helsinki one cool morning!! We had been fooled by the weather, it looked 'warm' so we decided on an open top bus tour!  We headed off and it became clear that it was not as warm as we had thought! I was prepared I had a cardigan and a hoody with me, Tom and Richard only had the t shirts they arrived in, Sue had her trusty cardy!! By the end of the trip, I had loaned Tom my hoody and Richard had frostbite!!

The square was dominated by the magnificent Cathedral.  It was designed by the architect Carl Ludvig Engel and it was completed in 1852. Its a stunning building with elements of other famous buildings. It reminded me of St Peters in Rome, particularly the statues on the roof of the twelve apostles. Other elements of the building reminded me of St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersberg.

There was a huge set of steps in front of the building and only one set of hand rails, so I went all the way to the top, but had to climb by the edge where I could hang on!! Coming down was easier, I hung onto Tom!

The view from the top was great, all the buildings are so pretty. I can imagine that in the winter with snow it would be stunning!!

Our hop on hop off Big Green Bus, with air conditioning set to arctic blast!!!

Sue and Richard, with Richard pretending that he was plenty warm enough!!!

So another country off my list, goodbye Helsinki and Finland!!!
Tomorrow we arrive in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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Raymonde said...

I also like Helsinki a lot and I thought the same in winter it would be amazing. Love looking at these as a reminder of my trip. Take care. x