Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thirty One Years!!!

Today 31 years ago I was waking up in agony with my back, having slipped a disc a few days before, I had seen an osteopath and my GP and they had managed to get me back on my feet. I ended up walking down the aisle of the church on our Wedding day dosed up on Valium!!! I am wondering now if the ceremony was valid??? Tom and I  are still happily married 31 years later so the Valium must still be working!!

Our Best Man, Peter, his daughter and our God Daughter Becca, Madeline, Kay and my sister Val.

30 years 11 months later that same tiny bridesmaid  at her own Wedding!!

This time Peter was performing as Father of the Bride!

The sad thing looking back is just how many people have passed away, they have all left their mark on our lives. In the photo above to my left its almost a complete line gone, my sister Val, Grandad and Nan Bot, Aunty Lorna, Uncle John and Aunty Vera. On the other side Mum in her white feathery hat that she was very proud of!

By the time this photo was taken, it was too late to change our minds!!!
So here's to the next 31 years!!


Michelle G said...

What a lovely post, true love is a wonderful thing.

Jessie Fdez said...

I love it.