Sunday, May 03, 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend!

I am loving these three and four day weeks, I could get really used to it! 
Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day, just a bit of shopping and a lot of thinking about what to do for the weekend. I really like to have a 'plan' but so far a 'plan' has evaded me, So I have trawled through Pinterest for ideas and eventually hit upon these flowers. It passed an hour or so and I think that I will be able to do something with them, perhaps something arty farty like the beautiful wreath my friend Jane made!

The flowers on Jane's wreath are different type, I will try them next but she has warned me that I will need heat resistant fingers to  with the hot glue gun, I don't have a good track record with glue guns, I still have the burn scar from a Glue gun related injury several years ago!!

I also helped Jane to celebrate her birthday with a sensitive and useful home made gift from me!!

I knew she was starting  a new fitness regime, so I made her a block to walk around!! I am sure that she will use it often!!!

Beth and Grace have gone up to the 02 to see Olly Murs, so this afternoon we went over to Watford to drop her off, I took a chance to have a look around the shops and finally made it into Tiger, The last time I was in one I was in Amsterdam! We had to drop into Primark and picked up a few bits in their sale. I dropped Beth at Watford Junction and when she got out of the car she was nearly blow, away!! She text me when they got there and they somehow managed to get themselves upgraded and into the VIP lounge, who knows they may bring Olly home with them!!

Finally a few photos of our lovely doggie Hunny. She is now an elderly lady of 12 years, she is slowing up and no longer really wants to go for long walks, in fact she is happiest sunning herself in the back garden, she makes me smile when she lets us know she wants to go into the garden and then finds herself a sunny spot!
So happy Bank Holiday tomorrow, lets hope it stays dry!!

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