Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beth's Turn!!

Here we go again, it seems barely five minutes since we were watching Carl learn to drive in his little Matiz called Kermit. Now we are doing it all again with Beth in the driving seat. 

Last week Beth passed her theory test and is ready to get cracking on her practical test, so the time has arrived for her to buy her own car and get it on the road so she can have a go!

Beth spotted a 'ginger' Matiz in her price range and we took it out for a test drive, it seemed to be fine so after doing a few checks on it and bargaining with the seller she purchased it. The insurance was OK but once she passes her test and is on her own it will go through the roof, but so far so good. Its made a big dent in her bank balance, purchase price, insurance and road tax, but now she is legal  and  ready to roll. Its good to look back and compare the two of them!!

The new car is to be known as Maximus the Matiz!!
Now the problem is keeping Bath in long enough to give us a break, we have been to the shops, put petrol in, been to the shops again, tonight she has volunteered to get fish and chips for dinner! The only slight fly in the ointment was that the owner delivered it to us and after they left it wouldn't start. Anyway thank goodness for RAC home start, the very nice man turned up (second time, same man!!) and checked it out only to find it was the battery. I expect the battery had been on the way out, but due to the cost of replacing it, I think he jump started it and let us get on with it! Anyway a new battery has been fitted (with thanks to Grandad) and Maximus is now fully up and running.

No pressure, but I hope she passes her test the first time like Carl!!!

I seem to have a million things to do and not the slightest interest in doing any of them!! Oh well I expect they will all be there for me to do tomorrow!

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