Sunday, September 06, 2015

I wasn't expecting to be doing THAT this morning!!!

Last night after a lovely day out in London (more about that later) I came home to a suspicious looking puddle of water, we don't really have any luck with watery problems, so I expected the worse and I wasn't disappointed!! The puddle was near to our fish tank :( I am still not sure exactly where abouts on the fish tank it was coming from, but it was clear that's where the problem was. So last night we had to re-home the fish in a bucket and empty the tank. 

Bright and early this morning we headed off down to the local aquarium supplier and bought a new tank, gravel and a few plants. It then took us around two hours to set the whole thing up! Once we had finished we were able to put the fish into their new home. The new tank is a bit bigger and looks very spacious, The fish however were clearly cross with the enforced stay in their temporary bucket residence, they skulked around the bottom on the tank sticking very close together, we tried to tempt them out with food but they were having none of it :( so we decided to ignore them and see how they got on. Eventually several hours later they chilled out a bit and set off exploring.

This is the original tank with the fish buzzing around!

This is the new set up, still slightly murky with the fish all huddled together bottom left under the pump!
Anyway I am sure they will soon get over their collective 'hump' and get back to their regular ways!!

Yesterday I went to Camden Market, I had never been there before, one of those places that people go to but its always passed me by. It was one of those days where the weather was a bit of a nuisance. It was threatening to be wet and cold so we had to dress in case of rain. I really wasn't ready to abandon my summer sandals but decided to wear my trainers with sandals as a back up. After around three hours of walking in trainers, socks and trousers I was melting so had to make a pit stop to get back into my sandals!! I was surprised at the area it was cram packed with market stalls, quirky shops and millions of people!!

Here I am before the great footwear swap!!!

I really enjoyed looking around, I have never seen so many T shirts in such a small space, thousands of them! The regular shops were pretty impressive as well!

The shops are adorned with these huge representations of their wares. They are brilliant!

We even came across Alice in Wonderland !!

Look at Accessorize!! They have pushed the boat out on this shop front!! Lovely!

We adopted the time honoured method of market shopping, this being the end of summer we went for bar stops rather than look for mulled wine. Its a simple process, walk, look at the wares on offer until you have had enough, then find an establishment that serves refreshing uplifting drinks such as Bulmers Cider!! sit for a while, enjoy and recharge batteries. The all you have to do is repeat until you have seen all you want to see!! I can confirm that this method has worked very well for lots of trips, Amsterdam, Hamburg and now Camden Lock!!!
Yesterday was a good time to try out my new camera. I received an email from Mr Tesco advising me that I had £70 in club card vouchers, some were about to expire, so he suggested that I spent them in their double up bonus promotion. Well it would have been rude not to, so I chose a new camera, a Sony Cybershot, which is a lighter version of my current Fuji bridge camera. Its a different make so all the controls are in different places, so yesterday was a day of experimentation. I am starting to get to grips with it! I think I am going to like it!

Had a chat with Carl today and he is settled in his new place, the view from the 15th floor is fantastic!! I hope he will be able to share some photos with us soon!!

Back to the grind, I hope you all have a good week

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