Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Here comes the Autumn!!!

1st of September - it is practically winter!! The nights are drawing in there is that autumn smell of dampness in the air  and it reminds me once again of being pregnant ! I have no intention of repeating that feat (immaculate conception would be required) but that smell takes me right back. Three children and always pregnant in the autumn. October and November birthdays meant that I went into hospital to give birth wearing summer clothes and came out one day later freezing cold and straight into the cooler weather. Happy memories and happy days.

We have just had the last Bank Holiday before Christmas. as usual it was a wash out, poured with rain all day. The good news is that dad was discharged from hospital, he is much better and just feels washed out now from the lack of sleep and the after effects of the drugs. I am just happy that he is home. 

While we were away in Scarborough Beth and Harry went crabbing, it had been a nice warm day but by the time we headed to the pier for the main event it was starting to blow a bit and felt quite chilly. They were determined to catch some crabs so they set themselves up on the stairs and waited.

Tom was trying to be brave, no coat ! Harry was also being equally tough, I gave up and put my hoody on and headed for a cup of tea !!

Scarborough is a pretty place, typical seaside town, lots of tat shops and not too much else. It was still pleasant walking along the front. For the first time ever we came back with a bag of copper, perhaps finally we have all outgrown the penny arcades!!

We spent an afternoon up on the Moors, its so pretty this time of year with the beautiful purple heather as far as they eye can see. Its such a peaceful area. We always visit Goathland, the village is still living off of the 1980's police series Heartbeat. It still seems to attract lots and lots of visitors.

Its hard to believe that Carl has been away for a fair while, its not too long until we see him again. I feel much easier knowing that I can chat to him on whatsapp and the weekend face-time is very nice as well!!

Today I am feeling extraordinarily excited about finding an app!! I have been experiencing all sorts of problems with the calendar app on my I phone, I seem to have some sort of software glitch which switches off notifications continually so I was missing appointments, well today I discovered google calendars and its a fabulous app!! It syncs across phone, tablet and pc, I can assign a colour to various categories and set up alerts to my hearts content, its far more flexible than my original apple version.  Such little things, so much satisfaction!!!
Have a lovely short week.

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