Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Lovely Weekend Away!

We have just returned from a lovely weekend away in sunny Scarborough.  We were extremely lucky with the weather, while in the South they battled with heavy rain we were basking in late summer sunshine. 
We booked three nights away at a Hotel called the Rivelyn. It was OK, apart from the usual problem of a very hard bed!! I have become used to our lovely soft mattress, a hard bed means that I always get up with an aching back.
This was the first time that dad had been away this year, he had been worried that he might be struck down with his re-occuring 'condition' where he ends up in hospital until it clears. We also had Beth and Harry with us, so packing the car with luggage, mobility scooter and five adults was a bit of a challenge! 

On the Friday afternoon after an uneventful journey we arrived and took a walk along the prom.

Scarborough is a very colourful place but its also a working port with fishing and pleasure boats.

On Saturday morning we drove into Whitby to have a look around. I was surprised at how busy the place was, it was packed with people and it was quite hard going for Dad using his scooter, the combination of people and cobbled streets was difficult. I really wanted to get another photo of us at The Victoria Image. I have photos of us going right back to when Beth was 4. Over the years we have had photos with Mum, Dad, Laura and Carl and all combinations of those!! I was so pleased with the photos that they took this time!!

Its fun to get dressed up ! Beth was able to pose in two separate dresses, I think next time I might op for a light coloured dress! ( I am radical!!!)

Later in the afternoon we headed up to Goathland and found the North Yorkshire Birds of Prey exhibiting their birds on the green. Beth and Harry decided to hold a bird each. Beth's bird is a baby snowy owl called Eddie, he is only 83 days old and still growing his adult plumage. Harry held a hawk, she was a very fine looking hawk called Bonnie. Bonnie is a cross Gyrfalcon - Saker Falcon and according to the falconer she is rare and expensive. She was stunning and beautiful! 

It was a great experience!

We finished up with fish and chips on the quayside, a lovely day out!!

We travelled back on the Monday, Dad was tired there had been a lot of lugging around and he hadn't been able to have his afternoon nap, so he was pretty tired on Tuesday. On Wednesday evening his 'problem' cropped up again and we ended up back at the Lister Hospital. He is still in being treated at the moment, so we are back on visiting duties. I am just very thankful that it happened when we got home because if it had happened in Scarborough we would have had to travel to Middlesborough!!
Thank goodness for small mercies!!!
Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.

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