Thursday, August 06, 2015

Its been an Emotional week !

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us. Times they are a changing! Carl has started his new venture, a difficult time for all of us! Add to that a couple of my very good friends have gone away on holiday so its been an interesting week. I am sure that everything will be fine and for the better !! I am looking forward to my holiday later in the year!!

This week I was back at my pottery class, I seem to be super productive !! This week I have made a plate and a little planter and tea light holder.

The plate doesn't look that exciting, but it will all be in the glazing!! I rolled some ivy leaves into the surface to give it texture, I am planning on a simple glaze to show the pattern.

Next I made a little house and lean to area out of slabs of clay, I rolled out the clay and traced around the templates, I then had to let them harden up a bit so that I could 'stick' them together.

After construction I cut in the windows and a hole to slide the tea light in. Once it has been glazed I plan to put a small plant in the lean to part, perhaps a small succulent ! I am still loving the class and although next week is the last  one I am going to sign up for another few lessons! 

My 'pot/jar' was fired this week and now just needs glazing. I am pleased with it so far, its 'organic' (a catch all word to indicate a less than perfect design!!!) I am happy with it though!

The hearts have turned out well, they have been fired and await decorating and glazing, I have a plan for them !!
Next week is going to be taken up with decoration and glazing which I love doing can't wait to go back!!

I have also been catching up with my scrap booking, I usually have my photos printed by Snapfish. This week I was pleased to find that they have developed a new app for my phone and as a reward for using it they are offering 50 free prints each month for a year, which is a bargain!! I have already ordered both my July and August allocation. Its such a great deal I suggest that you consider downloading it!!!

I will be glad when this week finishes, looking forward to a weekend of chilling!
Have a happy weekend

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