Friday, July 31, 2015

We are nearly there......

August is just a few hours away, the start of the month where we will see lots of change! I am in limbo at the moment and I keep reminding myself that Skype is the answer to all my problems !! I hope it lives up to expectations!!
On the plus side we have booked a weekend away later in the year to sunny Scarborough. Its been a while since we have been there, we tried to get a weekend in Whitby but we couldn't find anywhere suitable for Dad who is coming with us. 

I am still doing my pottery course and I am still loving it. I find myself thinking about what I will make all the time. This week I finally made a candle stick. 

In my head I could see a beautifully proportioned candlestick, a textured creation with waving seaweed and stylised fish. In reality I have produced a chunky column with fish which are being threatened by rampant earth worms!! Who knows how this is going to turn out !! I was so full of optimism when I started the evening, I was so optimistic that I made a template for the column so that I could make a matching pair!! I really don't think there is any need to try and replicate this creation!!   

My other bright idea was to make puffy heart shaped wall plaques, I had no idea how I was going to actually achieve that, so with the help of my able tutor Elly, I set about rolling out my clay, I wanted to have some texture so that when it is time to glaze it there will be some interest on the surface.
After the first one, I was really taken by how satisfying it was to make, so I made a few!!

I padded them out using balled up newspaper, I hope they come out of the kiln in one piece!

I have also be up-cycling some t shirts. Now that supermarkets are all going to have to charge for shopping bags I thought I would try and convert some shirts into bags. It was a quick job on the sewing machine and they have turned out to be rather strong and useful creations!!

Beth has claimed this one as her own!! I have made little elasticated bags to store them in so they can be kept in my handbag or work bag. 
I have a few other ideas for the weekend so watch this space!!!
Have a great weekend.

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