Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pressing on with my pots!!

I am really enjoying my pottery in the shed course. Its relaxing and exciting at the same time. I am enjoying the making and I am keen to see how my masterpieces turn out. This week I have taken a fair few 'before shots' so that I can compare them to the finished glazed results next week. 

This was the first piece that I made the big bowl. 

I originally thought I would go with pale blue until I was shown another technique which looks pretty awful in the above picture but which should hopefully turn out a rather beautiful cobalt blue/green colour.

I had to paint the black mixture on and then sponge it off leaving the black in the grooves and textured bits. Once it was dry I then covered it in white glaze . 

I painted the outside a turquoise blue colour, but when I was painting on the white glaze on the inside I accidentally dribbled some down the outside, so I decided to turn that 'happy accident' into a design feature, so I piled the dribbles on ! I just hope the finished result is as good in 'real life' as it is in my head!!!!

In the first week I made a square plate, its got imprints of daisies all over it,  I couldn't decide what to glaze it with until I saw some lovely red pots on the shelf, I decided to go with the red glaze!!

I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

I have also made a couple of wonky mugs, I know they are wonky but I am pinning my hopes on the glaze sorting it all out and turning them into beautiful symmetrical well balanced drinking vessels.  

I suspect that 'glaze' doesn't have that sort of magical property, so I may well take home beautiful 'rustic, organic' unique mugs!!

One mug is a sort of brown with a cream speckled inside, I though that I would try the dribbling on the inside again, you can't get enough of a good technique can you ?? The one on the left will hopefully be purple with speckles. (I like speckles as well!!)
The pot behind is also mine, in my head it is an elegant jar decorated with 'rustic' circles of various colours. Again  I really enjoyed making it but I have no idea how it will turn out. I had planned on making three for tea, coffee and sugar but the first one was very hard to make so I suspect it might turn into a feature vase!!!!

Over the last weekend we went out with our friends, I usually go out with the girls nearly monthly, but this was the third time we had the men along. We had a lovely evening in Aroma Kitchen!

We have decided that this will be a regular trip out, its great fun to get the boys out!!!

I have had a lazy day and its not been in a good way, I feel like I have wasted it, I should have done something instead of a bit of shopping and nothing else. I am now knackered its exhausting doing nothing!!!
Have a good week

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