Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lots of Things going on.....

This week has been a long time coming, end of term, mums birthday the preparation and aftermath of the party. Its been a slog!! Its hard to believe that this is the second year that we have not been able to celebrate Mums birthday with her. She would have be 80 this year. It seems very strange that she is not here to celebrate. I am so glad that I have insisted on taking photos on everyone's birthday, it gives us something to look back on and track the changes.

This photo was taken on Mums 73rd birthday.

This year we went to Dads, it was a beautiful afternoon so I inflicted one of my Victoria Sandwiches on everyone!

I was actually pretty proud of this production !! During the week the council chopped down the once beautiful pink blossom tree, for years we had been treated to showers of pink petals every spring, it was a beautiful tree. Last year it suddenly stopped flowering, this year it stopped full stop, no flowers no leaves and now no tree :(  . It has however made a perfect cake stand!!

We decided to let a few balloons from Carl's party go to mark the occasion.

We set them free, but one was particularly resistant to leaving the garden , two shot off but the third went up to the eaves and then came back down a couple of times, in the end Beth had to take it down the garden and force it to take off!!

I have been back at my pottery course, inspired by my cups from the previous week I took some paper cups from work to use as templates and made three more cups.

I made this small cup for guess who?? Tom requested a small coffee cup !

The two cups in the background are the large mugs which I am pleased with, can't wait to get them cooked and then glazed!!

I also tried a bit of slip work on a bowl that made the previous week, I hope that will also look nice glazed up!! In my head I think this might look nice with a white inside and a nice sage green outside!! That said, I am sure I will change my mind a few times before the painting starts!!!
Have a great week, don't work too hard.

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