Sunday, July 05, 2015

We have 'had' summer!!

This week we have  had summer. We had summer for three days. 

We had 35 degrees at one point, it only lasted a few days. The heat went out with a huge bang, overnight we had the most violent and loud storm, lots of rain lots of thunder and lightening. Poor Hunny was in a state, she hates storms, so we all had a very disturbed night. I wish we could just have normal unexciting weather!!

Beth has been away in Germany working at a school for children with extra educational needs. Its been a bit of an eye opener for her. A useful experience in all sorts of ways. It has helped her to see just how different things are in the education systems of both countries. It was a huge step, travelling on her own by plane, then getting herself to school every day in a strange country, on top of that there was the language barrier! She has done so well, she has really moved on! Just the driving to sort out now!!

I have been out in the garden trying to capture some of the wildlife, my lavender bushes have been attracting most of the interest with this beautiful butterfly and loads of bees.

I have also been busy doing a pottery course, something that I have wanted to do for ages. The problem has always been fitting it in with everything else. It has taken me right back to my school days when we used to do real pottery, right from construction through to the finished glazed item. I have found a lovely lady who has a studio in her back garden in Hertford . There are two other ladies on the course and we have had a go at lots of things! In the first week I made a big bowl which I decorated with lots of textures , We have added some colour and that will be glazed and fired this week. 

It is really good fun to have a go and see what you can do.

I am really hoping that this bowl comes out, its huge possible 14 inches across! I have painted it pale blue inside and I hope to be able to glaze it with a white glaze.

This one is very textured and I am going to add glass frit to the holes in the bottom, lets see how that comes out!

I have made a small square plate, a box with a lid, a circular jar and some small bits and pieces. I can't wait until they all come out!!

Have a lovely week.

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