Monday, August 10, 2015

Love is........

The first red tomato from the green house!! A big thank you to my Dad for bestowing that honour on me!! It was very lovely.

Well the past week has gone in a blur of trying to remember the time differences between here and a certain Asian country. I think I finally have the hang of it now, our lunch time is his early evening. It was lovely to be able to face time him on Sunday it has put my mind at ease and I am going to make a concerted effort to take a step back now and concentrate on preparing for our holiday!!

I have treated myself to a neat little gadget. I love my I Phone and I saw an advert for some clip on lens, so that made me think and I went off on an Internet trawl to find a kit.
I ordered a cute set of three and tried them out tonight.  There are macro, wide and fish eye lenses.
My first victim was a passing snail.....

Then I moved onto plants 

I love how the leaf at the top of the photo is in focus and the rest is not so sharp.

A few rain drops on a leaf.

These flowers look like tiny daffodils, but they are actually flowers on a mini moss like plant.

A rose bud

Not sure what this flowers is called but every year we have loads spring up in the garden!

I then tried my hand at a few closeup shots of some crystals that live on my bathroom windowsill.

I am so thrilled with the pictures its possibly the best £4.00 I have spent in quite a while!!!
I have yet to try out the fish eye and wide angle lenses.

Beth and harry have had a nice weekend away to celebrate Harry's dads 'special' birthday. They had a night in a nice hotel and then visited Buckingham Palace, alright for some!!
I am looking forward to going to my last pottery class for a few weeks, I have lots of glazing to do! I won't be able to pick up the creations until Elly comes back off of holiday!! She has agreed to send us all photos !!!

Lastly I want to say a big Congratulations to my 2nd Fairy God daughter, Emma, who this week has announced her engagement to the lovely Dan. 

So that is two of my Fairy God daughters down  and one remaining. I am sure I will be able to start looking for a brand new wedding outfit and a new hat anytime soon!!!

Happy Anniversary to Madeline and John it seems like yesterday that I was a bridesmaid at your lovely wedding. I wonder where that wedding veil ended up????

Welcome home Debbie and Malc, your descriptions of the crossing of the bay of Biscay in glorious puking technicolour has had me chuckling for the past week, I am so glad that Malc made it home with all his 'equipment' in its correct position!!!!

Have a lovely week 

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