Sunday, October 04, 2015

Hello October and Hello Indian Summer!!!

Well its been a bit of a shock we have had a week of quite nice weather!! lovely autumn days, bit chilly in the mornings and evenings but beautiful during the day!
Today we went for a walk in Ayot, I love the conker trees. I don't really have any children that need to collect conkers anymore, but there is something about the beautiful colour and smoothness of the conkers that makes me smile.

Conkers also remind me of the Panshanger School fair, when my friend Marilyn made some fantastic baskets full of conkers all glued together! they were very big that particular year, she must have had all the kids collecting them for months!! (I am sure she got an award for outstanding use of  school PVA!!) Nothing says Autumn like a basket of conkers!!

There were a lot of acorns as well!!

I found that some of them had been taken by a hungry squirrel.....

On our walk we found a tree laden with what looked like tiny apples, I am not really sure if they were tiny apples!!

Its also a good time of year for fungi, but I was disappointed that there wasn't that many to see. When we were on the way home Tom said there were toadstools outside our house!! A month ago a tree was chopped down and there are hundreds of them, I hadn't noticed them!

I should have just looked outside!!

This weekend I have decided to 'go public' with my glass angels. I have been fiddling around with them for some while. I have made lots for friends and I think that the time is right to try and spread my wings a bit. So please check out my website - 'Remember Me' Angels . Its been quite an interesting weekend trying to get the website sorted!! Its been a steep learning curve and I am not totally sure I have ironed out all the glitches but I'll keep at it. I have also launched on face book as well, I think that might be even tougher than the website!! 

So have a look and let me know what you think, all support and spreading news  of my venture will be greatly appreciated!!!
Have a lovely week, I'm off to Brighton for a few days I hope the weather holds 

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