Monday, October 12, 2015

A Trip to Brighton

Well its that time of year again, conference time, I love conference!! This is what my life has come to, loving conference!! The bonus is that I get to see lots of great places. This time we returned to Brighton. I stayed in The Waterfront Hotel, which was called the Thistle hotel last year! Last visit I was lucky and was put in a sea view suite, it was awful but someone had to help them out and stay there!! This time when I checked in I had a sea view room on a different floor, it was a lovely room, but not a suite. The next day the loo sprung a leak so they ended up moving me back to the suite as it was the only free room!!! I consider it to be MY suite now!!

Nice view of the pier.

The view from my living room (sofa, two armchairs and a window seat, two TVs and a flash coffee maker!!)

There were a couple of lovely sunsets looking over the remains of the pier. We had a good few days. Most evenings we ate out and had an interesting experience in a Chinese restaurant. We went in a group of nine of us and they found us a lovely circular table. What we didn't know was that they had someone else booked for our table in an hours time. So we ordered and they gave is a big bowl of prawn crackers to get on with, we were still eating them when the main course arrived, so they simply took our plates away!!! we were speechless, it was quite funny particularly as we had asked for some more sauce for the crackers, which they delivered once they had forcibly removed the remaining crackers!!!

The main course was very nice and they kept coming over and taking the dishes as soon as they were just about empty. Finally we finished and they came back and made a big thing about picking up our plates, pushing and shoving us to get to them! we pushed back but the waitress was not bothered! The next guests had arrived and were milling around. We asked for the bill and they took forty minutes to get that sorted, so it took longer to settle the bill than actually eating!

Brighton is a lovely town, there always seems to be loads going on. I love all the artist touches. There were quite a few decorated walls, these were two of my favourites!

I always like to try and get a couple of photos in conference so that I can report back, I had no idea that we had been photo bombed!!! Brilliant!

Last night we were out for the evening at a party. We had a rather nice time!! I also had my first time using a kind of photo booth!!

I loved it, had a laugh posing for it!! We have Harry to thank for making the lovely frame!

A sad looking Harry pretending to be Charlie Chaplin!!!!

Last week I launched my 'Remember Me' Angels page and website. I really didn't have any idea how it would go and no real idea how to get my name out there. Well whatever I did it seems to be working! This week I have picked up two orders from clients rather than friends, so I am starting slowly and I hope to build it up. I have some ideas so I will have a play and get it right before launching it onto the world. Please feel free to take a look at my website and tell all your friends!

Today was Carl's Birthday, strange for him not to be around, but this year we are missing Laura's birthday as well. :(  October is going to be a busy month in-spite of that. We are taking her out for an early celebrating this week . We are looking forward to late holiday ! 

So have a good week, don't work too hard!!!

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