Sunday, November 08, 2015

We're Home!!!!

Well its been a while!! We are back from our exciting adventure into Asia. We have visited Hong Kong and Carl, we have visited Taiwan with Carl and we have taken a trip into China proper. We have had an action packed few weeks!

I wasn't looking forward to the journey, 12 hours on the plane with a time difference of 7 hours was a bit of a scary though, as it turned out it wasn't too bad. They were showing all three episodes of The Enfield Hauntings, a series I had recorded but not had time to watch. So with everything else going on the time passed fairly well.

On the way, Cathay Pacific was very good, seats were comfy and quite roomy.

We were totally wiped out on our arrival so we got to the hotel and went straight for a nap. We had only been asleep for what seemed like minutes when there was a knock on the door and the purpose of our visit was standing there!! It was great to see him again, He took us out for a few cocktails to mark our arrival.

They hit the spot what with the lack of sleep and everything, they really hit the spot!!!

We went out for dinner, Carl found a great burger joint that was doing a deal burger and free Peroni, well I hadn't really been a big Peroni drinker before that night.

But faced with a Bogof you just have to go with the flow. So with raging jet lag and and a fair few Peronis we headed back to our hotel, the rather lovely L'hotel Elan. The hotel was very luxurious but sadly had one of the firmest mattresses I have ever attempted to sleep on. I think we were so tired earlier in the day that we just slept!!

The next morning we met up with Carl and he took us to Hong Kong Park, followed by a trip to the peak. The park was so beautiful in the middle of high rise financial buildings a real oasis of calm. There were all sorts of water life plus butterflies, a cactus house, lots to see.

I was very impressed with just how clean the whole place was, no litter anywhere, they had a real pride in the park, it was beautiful.
We ended up getting a Taxi to the Peak because the world famous Peak Tram had a huge queue. The taxi was cheap for three of us. The views from the top were fantastic.

It was a hot day with the temperature in the high 20's It was truly breathtaking. Just for good measure there was a shopping mall at the top so we looked around and stopped for a mango smoothie.
WE found that returning by tram was the way to go, barely any queue from the top!!
So once we arrived back at the bottom we walked to the harbour and took a Star Ferry.

The Star Ferry is as famous as the Staten Island ferry, something that I have long known about and long wanted to say that I had ridden. 
It was a fantastic start to our holiday. 

I hope you all have a good week, its tough being back at work after so long off!!

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