Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Day at lego Land

We decided to spend yesterday at Lego Land, unfortunately for us the whole of the South East of Englad though that it would be a good day to visit as well. It was packed the place was heaving with people resulting in queues of 90 minutes plus for most rides.

It was downright unpleasant. The park itself is looking tired, with places that looked shabby. The staff couldn't keep up with the amount of litter on the tables and bins were full and over flowing. It was not nice. We bought lunch which was very average and cost a fortune.

The kids seemed to enjoy it and seemed happy to queue. Tom was starting with a cold and he was finding it a big struggle, streaming nose and eyes. In the end it started to rain and we decided to go home before the fireworks.

On the way out we realised just how busy the place was there were people parking on the main road outside the park, which must have been a good mile to the park. The car parks were full and over flowing.

The journey home was busy, rush hour Friday is possibly not the best time to go, we ended up getting Stella (sat nav) to find us a route that didn't involve the M25, which meant we went via Denham, Maple Cross and Ricky.

We were glad to get home Tom was worn out and all in all it was a disappointing day.

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