Saturday, October 14, 2006

I have swapped!!!

Well I have signed up for a google account and swapped to Beta, lets see if I can break that now !!

I have had another one of those weeks, why is it that things that should work just don't?? why do I feel that its happening on purpose just to p me off?? We have had Sky plus installed and the changer said the batteries were on the way out, so we change the batteries and the changer refuses to work. Tried a reset, but nothing. Phoned Beeping Sky who want to hold me in a 52 minute 0870 queue. So phoned this morning to be told that there is a batch of duff remotes, and once the batteries are out the simply die. They will send me another one in '5 to 7 working days madam' I am so bloody angry why to we always get the shit stuff??

Its also doing odd things by failing to record, isn't that the whole purpose of the bloody thing ???

I think I might explode, perhaps its my age, I can't cope with any hassle anymore.

This week was Carls 16th Birthday, 16 ???? where has that time gone?? it seems minutes since he was my darling little baby, and a toddler with white blonde hair and bright blue eyes, now he is a strapping lad. I am getting old!

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