Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have started...

So I will continue!! I have decided on a design for this years christmas cards, I wanted somehing quick, easy and effective. I have had a gorgeous reel of textured ribbon for a couple of years now shouting to be used, but until now I have been clueless.

Anyway a couple of nights ago I suddenly had an idea and I have used it in this years cards. I am pleased with the results and in real life the cards are touchable and glittery, something that is hard to capture in a photo!

It is so easy that I have made quite a few already. I am going through a card making phase again, I haven't scrapped in ages!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Day at lego Land

We decided to spend yesterday at Lego Land, unfortunately for us the whole of the South East of Englad though that it would be a good day to visit as well. It was packed the place was heaving with people resulting in queues of 90 minutes plus for most rides.

It was downright unpleasant. The park itself is looking tired, with places that looked shabby. The staff couldn't keep up with the amount of litter on the tables and bins were full and over flowing. It was not nice. We bought lunch which was very average and cost a fortune.

The kids seemed to enjoy it and seemed happy to queue. Tom was starting with a cold and he was finding it a big struggle, streaming nose and eyes. In the end it started to rain and we decided to go home before the fireworks.

On the way out we realised just how busy the place was there were people parking on the main road outside the park, which must have been a good mile to the park. The car parks were full and over flowing.

The journey home was busy, rush hour Friday is possibly not the best time to go, we ended up getting Stella (sat nav) to find us a route that didn't involve the M25, which meant we went via Denham, Maple Cross and Ricky.

We were glad to get home Tom was worn out and all in all it was a disappointing day.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Laura's Birthday

19th of October was Lauras 21st Birthday. We went around after I got home from work and took her a birthday cake and presents. Nan and Grandad bought her some new towels. We gave her some smellies and a bracelet. Plus some money as she wanted a new game.
She seemed very happy, Scott hadn't bought her anything yet, he said because he had to pay up for a HUGE rat cage which takes up half the room. The rat seems a bit lost in it!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Bandana Babe

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beth and I made some Fairy Cakes, we had great fun doing it, but the mess and the fact that they were eaten almost immediately by the hungry hoards!! We made plain iced fairy cakes and some Apple cinnamon muffins. Yum Yum !!

I have swapped!!!

Well I have signed up for a google account and swapped to Beta, lets see if I can break that now !!

I have had another one of those weeks, why is it that things that should work just don't?? why do I feel that its happening on purpose just to p me off?? We have had Sky plus installed and the changer said the batteries were on the way out, so we change the batteries and the changer refuses to work. Tried a reset, but nothing. Phoned Beeping Sky who want to hold me in a 52 minute 0870 queue. So phoned this morning to be told that there is a batch of duff remotes, and once the batteries are out the simply die. They will send me another one in '5 to 7 working days madam' I am so bloody angry why to we always get the shit stuff??

Its also doing odd things by failing to record, isn't that the whole purpose of the bloody thing ???

I think I might explode, perhaps its my age, I can't cope with any hassle anymore.

This week was Carls 16th Birthday, 16 ???? where has that time gone?? it seems minutes since he was my darling little baby, and a toddler with white blonde hair and bright blue eyes, now he is a strapping lad. I am getting old!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I took this shot of Beth when we were out looking for Conkers, shame we didn't find too many !!

I'm getting worse!!

Its been such a busy month that I have not got around to doing much on my blog, I haven't done much of anything really.
I took beth out to look for some conkers last week, but we must have been a few weeks too early as they were few and far between. We did manage a few but will have to go back again.
Scrapbooking has come to a halt, I have photos but no inspiration. Will have to try and get back in the groove.
This weekend we have been car hunting, we have decided that it is time to see if we can upgrade the hijet. Carl finds it very cramped in the back, but really he just hates it, it doesn't have street cred and he would love us to have something far more hip and happening. We have looked at a galaxy, which I liked, a Frontera estate and sport. We were not keen on the estate, but the sport was nice, roomy inside and the bonus of having a soft top which pushed it right up the street cred scale. Now we will have to do some serious looking to see what we can find.