Monday, April 02, 2007

What a horrible weekend!

Here I am sitting at the computer at 5 am on Monday morning, a time I never usually see unless we are going on holiday.
On Friday evening I got a bit of a twinge in one of my teeth, it was filled about a month ago, and chose Friday EVENING to start playing up. Friday night was bearable, but Saturday morning was awful, so I phoned the emergency dentist out of hours service, to be told that they didn't have one this weekend and that I should try self help remedies and painkillers. Well I had tried pain killers and they were just not touching it. The whole of my mouth was throbbing and in my opinion I have an infection as there is a lump under the tooth on the gum.
Luckily Mum and Dad had some unused anti biotics so i started those. The pain continued.
Saturday night I dosed myself up and got through the night, but Sunday has been absolute agony. I have tried a variety of pain killers and nothing has touched it. I eventually drunk some neat Bacardi which made me giggly and relaxed enough to get to sleep.(only about half a bottle)
That has now worn off and I have been sat here trying to take my mind off of it since around 4.30am.
To add insult to injury, I have put a load in the washing machine and it has sprung a leak, something else to sort out.


Shirley said...

Hope you get it sorted soon babe!

TraceyT said...

are you feeling better today cherub ? :@)