Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful Flowers.

I have been very lucky and lots of folk have sent me beautiful gift and get well cards. This week I have received 4 beautiful bouquets of flowers, one from Sue and John, one from Karen and Graham, one from Work - Tim and Vanessa and one from the Chief Constable and the Executive!! That was a real surprise!!
Steph, who I work with made up a hamper which was just right for me, it contained loads of fruit, three magazines,box of ferrero rocher and a bottle of port :0) - Perfect!!


Shirley said...

You deserve a flower shop Liz!

Maria said...

Don't be all coy and surprised that everyone lubs ya.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Happy Monday xxx

Beth said...

lovely flowers
You so deserve them

I am tagging you!

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domestic goddess said...

what gorgeous flowers hun, hope you are recovering well xx

Jaffers said...

Hope you don’t have hayfever… hehehehee!

Good to hear you’re getting a bit more mobility, although I assume you went straight back to bed after having to get up at that ungodly hour!?!?