Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Morning !!

Well today I have had to get up extra early as Tom started work at 7am and I needed him to change my dressing before he went, so I was up showered and dressing changed by 6.30am which is the middle of the night!
I had a strange day yesterday, I was very tired in the evening and went to bed around 8pm, only to find that I couldn't sleep, so after reading for a bit I got up and went down and had a cup of tea. When I went back I did sleep OK. It helps being able to sleep on my side again without too much pain. For some reason I can sleep pain free on my left but if I sleep on my right it causes pain after about 30 minutes.
I seem to be able to keep on top of all the washing and the house is tidy, I can potter around dusting and putting stuff away. Yesterday I even did some scrapping and card making which was nice, I had a lot of thank you cards to do!!
Today Madeline is coming over for lunch , which she is bringing. I am looking forward to that.
Dad has taken Beth to school today, they have gone as she wanted to go on the walking bus. I think its the fluorescent jacket that's the attraction!


Shirley said...

The thankyou card is totally lovely! Thank YOU

Maria said...

You're sounding bright and breezy.

Hope you're not too sore.

Happy Wednesday xxx