Monday, May 14, 2007

Morning !!

Well after a dreadful weekend weather wise, it looks like its going to be another wet day again today. I hope it stops before tomorrow as Beth has a very exciting school trip to the sewage works planned, could be awfully muddy!!

This morning I have made some progress, on checking my wound after my shower I have found that one side has finally given up and healed!! Hurrah. The middle part that was the worse has stopped leaking any kind of fluid, so perhaps under the steristrips that has healed as well. I think that it is down to the anti biotic gel that the doc prescribed late on Friday evening after the result of the swab came back. I am visiting the nurse tomorrow so she will say for sure how that stubborn middle bit is doing, but the sooner it heals the sooner I can get underway with the Radio therapy to make sure all the bad cells have gone.

I am getting used to being at home, I can get all the minor house work stuff done first thing in the morning, I am also able to cook dinner which is a bit of a novelty, usually its rushing around chucking something in the over after work. I am finding that I plan my day by the daytime TV!!

This week is an important one for Carl, he starts his GCSE examinations. He seems to be very laid back about it all, he said that he has revised as much as he can he hopes that will do it.

Craft wise I have been making cards, they are quick and easy so I am well stocked at the moment.I have some photo back for scrapping so I may well start on them today as well.

Shhh don't tell anyone but I went to papermill yesterday and managed to spend £30 again, but they have so much nice stuff in there now its hard not to. They have also started a loyalty scheme if you spend £60 they give you a free box of paper, always very useful!

Right off to be creative.

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Jaffers said...

*concentrates on willing wound to heal FASTER!!!!*
I’m jealous of Beth, I never got to go to a sewage works when I was at school…although maybe that’s cos the one for my area was notorious as being the site of a murderous triple shooting spree by a member of staff?