Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby Birds!!

Yesterday I popped around to see Mum and dad, they have a blue tit box in the back garden and the blue tits that have set up home have had babies hatch out.
The box is quite low down on a arch which has roses growing over it. We watched the box until the mum flew out and then we took a look, the top photo is what we found. Now sure how many babies there are its hard to count them. But we will be keeping an eye on them and we will be hopefully able to count them when they are a bit bigger.
I tried very hard to catch a shot of mum or dad flying into the box, I stood there for 20 minutes before I finally managed to catch a couple of shots. They are not perfect by any means and a little blurred, but I will try harder!!
Today we are going away for the weekend on our Sun bargain holiday. We are going to California Cliffs Holiday park in great Yarmouth. We plan to spend the day with our Friends Fran and Pete on Sunday. Beth is very excited!!


Jaffers said...

I count...6 chicks!!
Fab photos sweetie!!

Beth said...

Aww Lyzzy, what a capture there. Good one of inside too. But tell me my little lovely, how on earth are your Mum and Dad going to fly into the box? They bee tooo big!Lol, weed myself over that one. I know what you meant mind. XX

Beth said...

Just had a close loo, and I guess about 5 in there. Looks like they got one of those Haribos in there too, haaaa. Aww, nature is so wonderful. XX Word verification is on for me Lyzzy, I gotta concentwate to do it!!

jake said...

Aw... babies! We had baby budgies born in our house last year... never expected them to survive but they did. It was fascinating watching them grow but very sad to part with them when they were ready to go.

Lovely pics of your holiday too!