Friday, May 11, 2007

I have good friends!!

Look what was delivered yesterday!! I was surprised to receive this beautiful edible fruit bouquet from the head of HR and the Executive Management Team at work. It WAS a work of art, I say was because it is no more, we ate it last night!! All that was missing was a melted chocolate fountain, I will make sure that they know to get me one of those for next time!! I am becoming a drain on the Constabularys finances, mind you my 'Thank You' card production has gone into over drive!!
Last night we went to Carls leaving Mass at school. It was agreat production, Carl had a big part, they did a review of their five years at Nicholas Breakspear, he took the part of one of the teachers. He was hillarious. I was really shocked at just how good he was. They also made a film of all the years to the sound track of Grease, he again had a staring comic role in that, I hope that he is able to get a copy, it was brilliant.
Beth came with us and she is now excited at the prospect of going there, they looked like they were having serious fun!!


Jaffers said...

Ahhh, not only feeding the Lyzzy, but the family too!
Looks fab!!

Beth said...

Nice lot of fruit there L y zzy, how kind. Hey, I'm even spacing your word out on your blog, ha, ha, lol. XX

Shirley said...

ooooh Fruity!

domestic goddess said...

wow that is so yummy looking