Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a miserable day.

I seem to have got my morning routine down to around 15 minutes by the time I have showered,re-dressed my wound,sorted out all the usual skin creams, plus drying my hair. I am set up for the day. While doing all that the sun was shining, I was thinking that I would get my washing dry as it was blowing well. By the time I got downstairs and hung it out it started to rain. I can't be bothered to get it in, I am sure it will stop sometime soon.

Yesterday Tom and I decided to sort out our joint wardrobe space, we were at the point where we couldn't get anything in without things falling out! Anyway we worked hard for about 2 hours and ended up with 8 black bags of clothes going to the charity shop. Three bags of out and out rubbish (Antique underwear some of which I don't ever remember wearing!!) The result is that we actually have space on the shelves, everything has been hung up and I feel very virtuous! (I have now cleared out three downstairs cupboards and the wardrobe, still have a few more to do)

For this year we have the following planned, double glazing (We are the only people in the world without double glazing or you would think so by the number of sales men who target us) I would like a new bathroom. (I understand that Avocado is coming back 'in' just when we are in a position to dump it!) The conservatory/kitchen floor needs doing the carpet tiles we have at the moment are the pits and with the dog I can't keep them clean. I think we are going to do ceramic tiles with underfloor heating. The biggest problem is that all my scrapping 'stuff' and the PC is in the conservatory, so that is going to be a mega moving job.(will take longer to sort out than my wardrobe did!!)

Today if it stops raining long enough I am going to take a walk down to the shops, I have not done that for a while, its only a mile each way so that should give me a bit of exercise now that I can't swim for a while.


Shirley said...

kjnvkjldGood golly Liz! If you're off sick long enough can you come and sort my house out too?

Jaffers said...

You know, this major operation and intensive after-treatment seems to be the way forward for inspirational house cleaning!
Although I found moving house also works for forcing you to clear out stuff....

Keep on healing babes, I NEED to meet you at Debbers!!

suebaru said...

Ahem...are you not supposed to resting??!
I would love to sort my house out..if only someone would take away my kids for a few days it would be possible!