Monday, May 21, 2007

We're back!

We have just had a very nice weekend at a park resort site, at California Cliffs in Scratby Norfolk. The Caravan was a little tired, and past its best but the site and the facilities were very good and a bargain for £9.50 per person !
We were very lucky with the weather, it was glorious, hot and sunny everyday. We arrived Friday afternoon and had lunch at a pub near the beach. After lunch we went down to the beach, it was so pretty and absolutely deserted.
Once we had got in the caravan and unpacked we went out and let Beth spend her money in the Penny Arcades. She did quite well managed to win some little gifts from the two penny machines!
On Saturday we went to car boot sale in the morning, bought very little, we had a sandwich for lunch and ended up at the Pleasure beach where Beth spent three hours on the rides. the arm band cost £14 but she got her moneys worth. We worked out that if we had to pay for the rides individually she would have spent £35 .
On Saturday evening we went out with Tina and Rod, they have a Chalet on the site next door to where we were. We saw the twins and Dave, they were up to celebrate the twins birthday on Sunday. We sat and chatted to Rod and Tina and the kids went out for a night on the town.
On Sunday we went to the beach again, and left the site early to call in to see Fran, Pete and Rebecca in their new house in Cotton. We had a fantastic afternoon, they have only been moved for a month and they have already made the place their own. Rebecca was a fantastic host, with a lovely lunch and tea. We finally got home and put in the washing around 10pm!!


Shirley said...

Doncha look just gorgeous?

So glad you had a fabbaroonie time!

suebaru said...

LOve that pic of Beth on the carousel! You're looking fabby too hun :)

Annette said...

You look great honey. Wish we'd been aroun d this weekend, we'd have come and bugged you (we're just a few miles away from the cost) xoxox

Sue said...

me too ..the bugging bit ..used to live in Yarmouth..ohh the memories LOL