Friday, May 04, 2007

Feeling Fed Up....

Today I was at the surgery for 8.40am to see the nurse. She took a look at the wound and said that it was not healing, half had healed but the other half hadn't and in her opinion it would be around a month before it was anyway near being healed. She felt the staples had been taken out too soon. i agree the nurse went for it and unclipped them until the doc at the hospital stopped her and told her to do alternate ones.
I go back next Tuesday for the steristrips to be replaced, but they have arranged or the district nurse to come out on Sunday to deal.
Soon the plus side I am not in any pain and there is no infection. On the minus side this looks like being a long haul.

Today I received an unusual present from Jaffers, she has paid for workers in Grenada to continue to produce cocoa for the rest of the world, ensuring a fair price is paid to the ladies producing the goods. Far better for me than a bar of chocolate, and its giving something back !! Thanks Jaffers!!


Sue said...

sorry its taking so long to heal darling :(
So pleased theres no infection.

suebaru said...

Glad you found ouit who the mystery person was!

Jaffers said...

Well, we couldn't have you getting better and not having any choccie available for treats!!!