Sunday, May 27, 2007

What an AWFUL day.

Well what a terrible day, it has been raining since early on, and its not stopped, the garden is swamped and the trampoline has turned itself into a swimming pool. I feel really sorry for Carl, he is away at cub camp and its raining there as well, poor things I bet they are really fed up.
We are going away tomorrow for a break to Sunny Skegness, although somehow I think the 'sunny' bit may well be missing. This particular Bank Holiday is always wet. Its the weekend that they have the Herts Show, (Herts swamp show) its usually the week that we go to Whitby (last year we had terrible weather including sleet and freezing rain and had to have the heating on all the time) So I hope this blows over and we get some dry time!
Recently I sent away for a free face mask from Olay, I tried it out and Beth snapped the below photo, I think I could get a part on Scream.Be very afraid!!!

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Gail said...

Is the face mask any good? I saw a write up about it and thought it looked fun!

I think I am off to that show in Herts tomorrow? Or maybe it's another one. It's a flower show (and 10k run) somewhere near Hatfield.