Sunday, May 13, 2007

Skools Out !!!!

I can not believe where the time has gone, Carl has officially left school (he has his GCSE's to do over the next month) It seems less than 5 minutes ago that he was starting secondary school, all fresh and scrubbed wearing his uncomfortable and strange new school uniform. I can still remember the day that he went on the bus for the first time all alone and how worried I was for him. He looked so small but he was so brave to go on his own!
Now he has matured into a responsible (most of the time) youth. He is hard working (most of the time) He still grunts like a normal teenager, but what can you expect ?? At the moment he really enjoys drama and is looking forward to doing his A levels. So its fingers crossed that he gets the results that he needs to enable him to stay on at Nicky B!!!


suebaru said...

Aw, fabby pics!

Laura said...

I can't believe my baby brother is all grown up... its really scary... insome part of my mind he's still only 12 years old!