Thursday, May 10, 2007

Morning All!!

Things are ticking along here, I have been taking things easy as per Doctors instructions. I went for the results of the pathology after the op on Tuesday and I have been refered for further treatment. I need a course of Radio Therapy, which they will start once my wound has healed. At the moment that is taking a little while to do. I am visiting the nurse three times a week and she is changing the wound dressing and steristrips. Yesterday it looks as if it is healed about two thirds of the way across, so that's progress.

I am hoping that I will still be able to go away as planned at the end of the month, but will have to see how that goes. On the plus side I am getting lots of time for craft, I have scrapped every available photograph and I am waiting for two lots to come back from Snapfish. I have even caught up with CJ's and other 'obligations'!!

I think I will be off work for a while yet, so I am getting used to the day time telly, I like homes under the hammer and I am now back into neighbours. Can't wait until I can drive again!!

Off to think of something creative to do!!


Jaffers said...

I demand you be able to come away, I’ll MISS you if you’re not there!!
Hope the radiotherapy deals with everything, and you get started on it soo.

Love ya!

Shirley said...

I shall cry if you aren't there!!
You're the only reason I'm still going!! Oh and Jaffers of course! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Hope the radiotherapy goes well.