Sunday, June 29, 2008

English Country Garden.

I have never been a very good gardener, I come from a long line of exceptional gardeners, Dad, Grandad and way back in my family history we were farmers.For years I have had a picture in my head of how I would like my garden to look but I have never managed it. This year we have replaced the fences and I decided to give it a make over.

I really love traditional cottage garden flowers so I have Old English Roses, Lavender, ragwort,Lupins, Clematis, Pinks and sunflowers. I really want them to be able to set seed and come again. I had one brave sunflower manage to do that, the rest have been planted. They are all doing very well, thanks to the wonder of miracle grow and slug pellets! So this year this is my corner of the world, complete with my Tesco's half price 'Bistro' set. (Not sure when I'll ever be able to get enough time to sit out there and make use of it!!!)


Manna said...

WOW, this is truly beautiful! Love all the colours in your garden. The fence is really nice looking! You know you can always bring your stamping outside to make a good use of your bistro set. *wink*

suzann said...

What a lovely garden, it looks rather peaceful! I agree with Manna, the fence is great looking and just adds a great touch to the garden. Nice job.

Travis Erwin said...

Everything is so green in your pics. In my neck fop the woods it is brown or yellow.

lyzzydee said...

Travis, We are lucky to have the lushness of the green stuff, but you pay by having loads of rain for most of the time!!!
I think on ballance I like the greeness but I would occasionally love a bit of parched earth if it meant hot dry weather!!

LuLu said...

Love the garden and like you, love the smell and movement of Lavender. A definite must have flower in the garden.

Also agree with Manna's comments - crafting outside - set a new trend !?!?!?!

Oh, before I forget - I tagged you !

Katie said...

Such a pretty garden. It looks warm and peaceful in this photo. I love cottage garden plants too!