Monday, July 21, 2008

Divided by a common language?

Travis has commented on the word 'Plonker' and I hadn't realised that it was one of those words that hadn't crossed the ocean as yet! Anyway according to the dictionary of English slang it means ' Fool, idiot, a despicable person' It can also be used to describe a certain part of the male anatomy!!
This has been in popular use since it was used on a more than regular basis in one of our all time classic TV comedies, Only Fools and Horses. Rodney was always being called a Plonker by his brother Del Boy!!


Travis Erwin said...

I kind of gathered that was the general meaning but it still wasn't a word I was familiar with. You should do a post on English slang and I could do one on Texanisms.

Wendy said...

Personally never heard of this word, but it will never mean the same to me if I hear it again!!

Have a great day!

SUV MAMA said...

I'm adding plonker to my personal dictionary. Totally sweet word. :)