Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Year 6 Leavers Swim and Barbecue

Last night we had the leavers barbecue and swim. It hardly seems possible that Beth is one day short of finishing year 6 and moving onto secondary school. Every year the school holds a celebration and the children and parents join in. After the barbecue we had a game of children versus parents rounders. I cunningly stood on the right to field as I thought most of the children would be right handed. It was a good plan but flawed as I had failed to take into account that over a third of the class are left handed!! This resulted in me nearly having to take action to catch a ball heading my way. Luckily I reacted too slowly and it hit the deck!
Maggie the school secretary is an ace cake maker and again she produced a cake that reflected their time at Panshanger. This included her famous signpost with the names of all the different schools that the children are going to.
Today has been very emotional with a funeral of a friend who has a daughter in Beth's class. Beth went to the church service but went back to school for the cremation service. I feel like I have had a tension headache all day.
We rounded the evening off with a great meal out with our friends Rod and Tina, this was to celebrate Tina's birthday. It was great to see the twins Emma and Stuart and Emma's 'man' Dave. By the time we got back Beth was exhausted. Just the final day and leavers assembly to go, tissues at the ready!!!


Manna said...

Incredible looking cake! Love them legos! And what great piccies these are! So crisp and clear!

louise said...

OMG that cake is amazing.
Thanks for sharing your photos.

Debbielou said...

One heck of a day - glad it ended a lot happier than it started - amazing cake and lovely photos of Beth as always xx

Sue said...

What a FAB cake!!!
Looks like they had a wonderful time :D

LuLu said...

WOW - who was brave enough to cut that fabby cake? What a great way to end the childrens time at school and for all the parents as well to get a chance to say their goodbyes etc.