Sunday, July 20, 2008

Roll On the Holidays.

This week has been a rather emotional one and next week is set to be worse. It started with the sad death of one of my friends at the age of 46, not totally unexpected but a terrible waste and a terrible indictment of the services that are available to people who are not able to fully look after themselves or the small people that they in turn care for. The funeral will be on Tuesday morning.

Another friend has found out that her mum has now got terminal cancer, after what we had thought had been successful treatment. She lives some distance away so my friend is unable to visit her until school is out on Wednesday.

School is another trauma. I have been taking my children to Panshanger school for the past 18 years without a gap. Because of the age gap between my kids I had one in year six when the next one started in reception. This time I don't!!!! 18 years is a long time to be going to a place to suddenly be cut off from it, so I am feeling very sad about that but trying not to show it too much because I know that Beth is feeling very upset too. I think that next Wednesday will require quite a lot of tissues and loads of blinking!

This morning at 4.30am Carl had to be taken to school for his trip to Lourdes, he was up packing last night and then we couldn't get to sleep because I was worried we would over sleep. I have just heard that he is at the airport and ready to go. Tom is catching up with some sleep !!

So you can see why I am looking forward to my holiday, two weeks in Holland with Miss Debbielou and her family (who has also been through the emotional trauma of leaving school as her school has broken up already!!)

Once this week is over I will be able to concentrate on my holiday preparations !!!!
I'll leave you with a happy photo, Megan and Beth a pair of happy 11 year olds, where has that time gone???


suebaru said...

Yes,this week is going to be one emotional rollercoaster :( Tissues at the ready..

Debbielou said...

Lyzzy - All out of tissues!! - horrible week for everyone - will think of you xx

Katie said...

Got that t-shirt Lizzy. As I'm sure you know once they hit the 'big school' the child disappears practically overnight.
Your holiday sounds like it will be fab!!